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 本文摘要:People using ad-blocking software who visited the The New York Times website in March were shown a message. This read: “The best things in life aren’t free”. It went on to explain that “advertising helps us fund our journalism” and gave the visitor two options to read the newspaper’s online content: disable their ad-blocking software or pay for a subscription.3月份,那些采访《纽约时报》(New York Times)网站时用于广告截击软件的人们看见了这样一则消息:“生活中最幸福的事物都不是免费的”。

People using ad-blocking software who visited the The New York Times website in March were shown a message. This read: “The best things in life aren’t free”. It went on to explain that “advertising helps us fund our journalism” and gave the visitor two options to read the newspaper’s online content: disable their ad-blocking software or pay for a subscription.3月份,那些采访《纽约时报》(New York Times)网站时用于广告截击软件的人们看见了这样一则消息:“生活中最幸福的事物都不是免费的”。接着它说明道“广告资助着我们的报导”。随后,该网站给访问者两个自由选择去读者报纸的线上内容:停止使用他们的广告截击软件或为订阅者收费。Many angry internet users took to sites such as Twitter and Reddit to vent their frustrations: “It’s not OK to show me ads that detract from your website design and make it ugly,” said one. Others argued that ads were more than just an irritation as they could compromise user privacy and security.许多愤恨的网友跑到Twitter和Reddit这类网站上怒不可遏:“让我看那些有损喜网站设计并让它看上去很丑的广告可不怎么样,”一位网友说道。

其他人指出广告不仅惹人讨厌还有可能严重威胁用户的隐私和安全性。Despite this opposition, the newspaper is pressing ahead with plans to block the blockers. Dozens of other global media companies are preparing to do the same to protect their online revenues from the rapid and unrelenting rise of ad blocking.尽管面临这样的赞成,这家报纸仍在集中力量实行制止截击软件的计划。其他许多全球性媒体也打算采行完全相同措施,以维护其在线收益不不受快速增长兴起的广告截击技术的危害。PageFair, a company that helps publishers overcome ad-blocking software, had estimated that more than 200m people now use some form of blocker on their laptop or desktop computers, as do more than 420m of the world’s 1.8bn smartphone users.PageFair,一家协助出版商应付广告截击软件的公司,评估出有目前有多达2亿人在他们的笔记本电脑或台式电脑上用于某种形式的截击软件,全球18亿智能手机用户中有多达4.2亿人也是如此。

For years, there was little publishers could do about people using programs such as Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin, which are free to download and highly effective at eliminating ads from web pages. In most cases, the software works by blocking communication between a web browser and a “blacklist” of internet addresses that are known to serve ads. As a second line of attack, blocking software can also prevent the browser from executing certain types of code associated with ads. However, there is an Achilles heel: blockers cannot work if a website serves both ads and content from a single computer server and shields both using techniques such as encryption. In such circumstances, ad blocking software cannot block the ads without also blocking the content.多年来,对于人们用于Adblock Plus与uBlock Origin这类程序,出版商无能为力,这些程序都是免费iTunes的,并能十分有效地避免来自网页的广告。大多数情况下,这类软件不会制止浏览器相连到一系列未知的投入广告的网址,这些网址被列为一份“黑名单”中。作为第二道防线,截击软件还能制止浏览器继续执行与广告涉及的某些类型的代码。



A flurry of start-ups — including Sourcepoint and Secret Media — now offer publishers ways to circumvent ad-blocking software.一系列初创企业——还包括Sourcepoint和Secret Media——现在皆面向出版商获取回避广告截击软件的方案。Another of these, Oriel, in June launched an anti-ad-blocking tool for WordPress, the content management system and blogging platform used by more than 60m websites. This will allow small bloggers as well as large media companies to take action against blocker software.另一家公司,Oriel,6月份面向内容管理系统和博客平台WordPress发售了一个反广告截击工具,目前有多达6000万的网站在用于WordPress。由此,不论小博主还是大型媒体公司,对截击软件都将能采行吓阻措施了。

Aidan Joyce, chief executive of Oriel, says: “Ad-blocking technology is a blunt instrument which, by default, makes no differentiation between poor and quality advertising. Most ad-blocking users do not object to a reasonable advertising experience in return for quality free content.”Oriel的首席执行官艾丹乔伊斯(Aidan Joyce)说道:“广告截击技术十分蛮横,基于配置文件,它对劣质和优质的广告不加区分。多数广告截击软件的使用者并会赞成借阅必要的广告来交换条件免费高质量内容。”The New York Times found in its March experiment that more than 40 per cent of adblock users agreed to “whitelist” the website — thereby allowing ads to appear on their screens — so they could see the content.《纽约时报》在其3月份的试验中找到,多达40%的广告截击软件使用者表示同意将该网站放进“白名单”——由此容许广告在他们的屏幕上表明——这样他们之后可以借阅内容。Mark Thompson, the group’s chief executive, said at a conference in June: “No one who refuses to contribute to the creation of high-quality journalism has the right to consume it. We are not there yet but, if we judge that it will strengthen the long-term prospects of that journalism to prevent non-subscribers who employ ad blockers and refuse to whitelist us from reading it, we’ll do it.”《纽约时报》首席执行官马克汤普森(Mark Thompson)在6月份的一个会议上说道:“拒绝接受为创作高质量的报导作出贡献的人没权利消费它。

我们还没不想那些用于广告截击软件、并拒绝接受将我们列为白名单的非订阅者用户读者我们的报导,但是,如果我们推断这样做到不会促进新闻事业的将来发展,我们就不会这样做到。”To cater for people who hate advertising, the news organisation plans to introduce a higher-priced, advertisement-free subscription.为符合喜欢广告的人,这家新闻机构计划发售一份价格更高、但没广告的订阅者。Ben Barokas, chief executive of Sourcepoint, predicts that most publishers will have adopted some kind of technology to circumvent ad blockers by 2020. In his view, media groups should offer consumers a range of different ways to access content, including for-free with ads, micropayments and subscriptions.Sourcepoint的首席执行官本巴罗卡斯(Ben Barokas)应验,到2020年多数出版商将使用某种回避广告截击软件的技术。他指出,传媒集团不应获取给消费者一系列有所不同的方法去提供内容,还包括带上广告免费读者、微缴纳读者及收费订阅者。

“Ad blocking is a canary in the coal mine for the media industry to be more transactional and more transparent in its relationship with consumers,” Mr Barokas says.“广告屏蔽只不过矿井里的金丝雀,让媒体行业与消费者的关系极具交易性也更为半透明,”巴罗卡斯说道。However, Sean Blanchfield, chief executive of PageFair, argues that publishers need to exercise care in how they use ad-blocker circumvention technology. He warns that such technology should not be used to preserve the status quo.然而,PageFair的首席执行官西恩布兰奇菲尔德(Sean Blanchfield)指出,对于如何运用回避广告截击软件的技术,出版者须要十分慎重。他警告说道这种技术不应用于维持现状。“Users have fundamental, legitimate concerns,” he says. “Ads that are served today have serious privacy and security problems.”“用户们的疑虑是最基本的,也是合情合理的,”他说道。

“目前的广告投放显然不存在相当严重的隐私安全性问题。”Mr Blanchfield says that PageFair aims to help publishers “redefine the advertising experience in a way that the typical ad-block user wouldn’t find objectionable”.布兰奇菲尔德说道PageFair致力于老大出版者“以一种令其典型广告拦截器用户会不满的方式新的界定广告体验。

”He argues that publishers who fail to improve the ads they serve will alienate people and drive them towards platforms such as Facebook.他指出那些没能改良自身广告的出版商,将不会亲近用户并将他们导向Facebook这类平台。Publishers that ban ad blockers also risk losing their audience to rivals that take a more permissive stance. In some ways that matters little, since ad-block users do not generate ad revenues. But this argument ignores the fact that internet users are not just passive consumers; they often help distribute a publisher’s content by sharing links with friends through email, forums and social media.停止使用广告截击软件的出版商们,也面对着读者向更加尊重的竞争对手萎缩的风险。某种程度上而言那无关紧要,因为用于广告截击软件的用户并会带给广告收益。

但是这一众说纷纭忽视了互联网用户某种程度是被动消费者的事实;他们常常通过电子邮件、论坛及社交媒体向朋友们共享链接,从而老大出版商传播内容。More than half of UK adults using an ad blocker said they would switch it off if doing so was the only way to access a website, according to a survey by YouGov for the Interactive Advertising Bureau. But 39 per cent said they would not disable their ad blocker for any site.舆观(YouGov)为美国对话广告局(Interactive Advertising Bureau)所做到的一份调查表明,在用于广告截击软件的英国成年人中,有多达半数的人回应,如果重开截击软件是采访某网站的唯一办法,那他们不会开动它。但也有39%的人说道他们会为任何网站停止使用自己的广告截击软件。

Meanwhile, Sweden’s biggest publishers will join forces next month to call the ad blockers’ bluff. In a month-long experiment the publishers will collectively block people who use ad blocking software. The idea is that by acting en masse, they will be able to turn the ad-blocking tide.与此同时,瑞典几个仅次于的出版商下个月将合力叫板广告截击软件。在为期一个月的试验中,这些出版商将一起屏蔽用于广告截击软件的人。他们期望通过集体行动,可以挽回广告截击的局面。



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