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 本文摘要:Owning a smartphone may not be as smart as you think.用于智能手机或许并不像你想要的那样明智。

Owning a smartphone may not be as smart as you think.用于智能手机或许并不像你想要的那样明智。They may let you surf the internet, listen to music and snap photos wherever you are...but they also turn you into a workaholic, it seems.用于智能手机可以让你随时随地网际网路、听音乐、拍照片……但也有可能让你变为工作狂。A study suggests that, by giving you access to emails at all times, the all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone adds as much as two hours to your working day.近期调查表明,智能手机能让你随时查收邮件,因此这种花哨的手机不会让你每天的工作时间缩短多达两个小时。Researchers found that Britons work an additional 460 hours a year on average as they are able to respond to emails on their mobiles.调查人员找到,由于可以随时用手机查收电邮,英国人每年的工作时间平均值减少了460个小时。

The study by technology retailer Pixmania, reveals the average UK working day is between nine and 10 hours, but a further two hours is spent responding to or sending work emails, or making work calls.科技产品零售商Pixmania积极开展的这项调查表明,英国人平均值每天工作9到10小时,但额外加班费的两个小时一般来说用来发送工作邮件或者打工作电话。More than 90 percent of office workers have an email-enabled phone, with a third accessing them more than 20 times a day.多达90%的职员有可以发送电邮的手机,其中1/3每天查阅20次以上。


Almost one in ten admits spending up to three hours outside their normal working day checking work emails, and even those without a smartphone check emails on their home computer.近1/10的职员否认每天日常工作时间外,还要花长达3个小时来查阅工作电邮,没智能手机的员工甚至要关上家中的电脑查阅。Some workers confess they are on call almost 24 hours a day, with nine out of ten saying they take work emails and calls outside their normal working hours.有些员工回应,他们完全全天24小时待命,其中9成受访者回应要在长时间工作时间外发送电邮和接打工作电话。Nearly two-thirds say they often check work emails just before they go to bed and as soon as they wake up, while over a third have replied to one in the middle of the night.近2/3的受访者回应睡前和醒后不会查收电邮,多达1/3的受访者曾在半夜恢复电邮。


The average time for first checking emails is between 6am and 7am, with more than a third checking their first email in this period, and a quarter checking them between 11pm and midnight.受访者在一天中首次查阅电邮的平均值时间在早晨6点到7点,多达1/3的受访者在这段时间首次查阅电邮,1/4的受访者在晚上11点到半夜查阅电邮。Ghadi Hobeika, marketing director of Pixmania, said: ‘The ability to access literally millions of apps, keep in contact via social networks and take photos and video as well as text and call has made smartphones invaluable for many people.Pixmania的市场总监甘地-胡贝卡说道:“人们通过智能手机需要认识到几百万种应用程序,能通过社交媒体保持联系,摄制照片和视频,还有发送到短信相接打电话,这些让智能手机变得尤为重要。

”‘However, there are drawbacks. Many companies expect their employees to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and smartphones mean that people literally cannot get away from work.“但这也有坏处。很多公司期望员工一周七天每天24小时随叫随到,智能手机意味著人们无法瓦解工作。”‘The more constantly in contact we become, the more is expected of us in a work capacity.’“人们之间的联系就越频密,对我们的工作能力期望越高。



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